Churches Worth Visiting in Turkey
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Turkey is a country that is a combination of different cultures and religions. If you'd like to learn about some of the churches in Turkey, take a look at our blog.

Turkey has hosted a variety of religions and cultures throughout its history. As a result, you can find various places of worship with incredible architecture that belong to different faiths in our country. Churches are among the places of worship that you can frequently encounter in Turkey.

Churches in Turkey capture attention with their magnificent structures. These grand edifices are visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. By exploring churches that bear traces of different beliefs, you can gain insights into the rich tapestry of Turkey's spiritual heritage.

Sveti Stefan Bulgarian Church

Sveti Stefan

The construction process of the Sveti Stefan Bulgarian Church, one of the world's first prefabricated buildings, is quite intriguing. Originally built in Bulgaria, the church had to be relocated due to certain developments at the time. It was transported by boats from the Danube River to the Black Sea and reconstructed in its current location, Istanbul. After a construction period of one and a half years, it was opened for worship in 1898. This church, built on an iron skeleton and iron foundations, is also known as the "Iron Church." It is one of the most visited churches in Turkey and is known as the first and only church constructed using prefabrication methods.

Ephesus Church


Ephesus, located in Izmir, is known for being the largest among the ancient cities. It contains everything one might expect in an ancient city, including temples and churches. Among them, the church within the archaeological site holds significant importance for Christianity. Ephesus Ancient City is believed to be where the Virgin Mary lived after the crucifixion of Jesus, making it a highly sacred place for Christians. Consequently, this church is considered a place of great sanctity among Turkey's churches.

Thyatira Church


One of the churches referred to as the "Seven Churches of Asia," Thyatira Church, holds great importance in Christian history. Located within the boundaries of the ancient city of Thyatira, in the Akhisar district of Manisa, this church is mentioned in the Bible. While there is no exact information about when it was built, the church was later converted into a mosque. It currently stands as the Akhisar Grand Mosque in Manisa and is open to worshippers.

Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church

Aya Triada

Aya Triada Church, where Byzantine and modern architecture coexist, is situated in the heart of Istanbul, on Istiklal Avenue. This imposing structure, which thousands of people pass by every day, draws attention with its cross plan, two bell towers, and elegant dome. The 12 windows around its dome are said to be an architectural reference to the 12 apostles. The church's name, "Aya Triada," is an allusion to the Holy Trinity in Christianity—God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This church, built during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz, was opened for worship in 1880.

Antioch Orthodox Church


One of the most beautiful churches among Turkey's churches, the Antioch Orthodox Church, holds great significance in Christian history. It is known as the second-oldest church in the world after the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Antioch, being one of the places where Christians made pilgrimages, is of great importance to them. Efforts are ongoing to restore the church, which suffered severe damage in the earthquake centered in Malatya in February 2023.

Philadelphia Church


The Philadelphia Church, located within the boundaries of Alaşehir in Manisa, is among the archaeological remains of the ancient city. Much of the ancient city remains buried beneath the modern settlement. Referred to as "Little Athens" during the Roman period, this region continued to be significant during the Byzantine era. Among the excavations conducted in Philadelphia Ancient City, the partially preserved St. John's Church and a section of the ancient theater are on display for visitors.

Sardis Church


Situated within the boundaries of Salihli, the modern-day location of the ancient capital of Lydia, the Sardis Church holds historical significance in terms of Christianity. It is known for being the place where the first coins were minted, and many remnants from the city's past have been discovered. The church in the city received criticism in the letters of St. John. Its wealth and insufficient devotion were among the reasons for this criticism.

Bergama Church


Referred to as one of the "Seven Churches of Revelation" and being one of the first seven churches in Anatolia, the Bergama Church is of great historical importance. It is also known as the "Pergamon Church" due to its location in the capital of the Asia Province during the Roman Empire. The letter written to the church advises believers to avoid false teachings.

Aya Yorgi Patriarchal Church

Aya Yorgi

Churches in Turkey are often situated on hills, offering beautiful views. Aya Yorgi Patriarchal Church is one of them, located on the shores of the Golden Horn in Istanbul. Affiliated with the Fener Greek Patriarchate, this church is visited by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year. It also displays numerous artifacts considered sacred by Christians.

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