The Best 30 Camping Spots in Turkey
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If you're wondering about the best camping spots in Turkey, you are at the right place. Check out or blog to learn about the amazing camping spots in this magical country.

Turkey is a paradise for camping enthusiasts with its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best camping spots in Turkey, ranging from unique beaches to mountain slopes, lake shores to forested areas. Read on to discover these places for an unforgettable camping experience!

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Best Glamping Spots in Turkey

Olympos, Antalya

Olympos is one of the best camping spots in Antalya, enchanting visitors with its historical ruins and magnificent beaches. The juxtaposition of ancient ruins and surrounding beaches blends nature and history seamlessly.

Çıralı, Antalya

Çıralı is a tranquil seaside town adorned with natural beauty in Antalya. With its long beaches, fruit orchards, and unique natural wonders like the Yanartaş (Chimaera) flames, it offers a splendid camping experience. The atmosphere of preserving natural life and the peaceful environment provide campers with a magnificent experience.

Kabak Cove, Fethiye

Kabak Cove is located in Fethiye, featuring turquoise waters, high cliffs, and forests displaying shades of green. If you seek unique discovery points to rejuvenate and find peace, this could be your choice.

Akyaka, Muğla

Akyaka's traditional architecture, pristine white houses, the refreshing Azmak River, and natural beauty are enchanting. With its serene atmosphere, wind-surfing opportunities, and nature hikes, you can experience tranquility.

Patara, Antalya

Located in Antalya, Patara evokes a sense of the past with its ancient ruins. You can immerse yourself in the vast beach, the ancient city, and the presence of caretta carettas (loggerhead sea turtles), surrendering to the flow of time.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye

With its towering cliffs, clear sea, and unique butterfly species, Butterfly Valley offers a special natural and quiet atmosphere that sets your camping experience apart. You can take a boat or follow the mountain path to enjoy a peaceful break in the arms of nature.

Geyikbayırı, Antalya

If you enjoy mountaineering, Geyikbayırı is the perfect spot for you. With its untouched and tranquil atmosphere, it welcomes you. With steep cliffs, mountain routes, and breathtaking views, it's ideal for climbing and nature walks.

Köprülü Canyon, Antalya

Köprülü Canyon is situated in Antalya. It is famous for its bridge, river, and hiking trails. It hosts water sports like rafting and canoeing. Enriched by its forested areas and the historic Stone Bridge, this canyon lets you explore natural beauty while camping.

Cappadocia, Nevşehir

Cappadocia, one of Nevşehir's magical places, stands out among the best camping spots. Offering unique experiences with its underground cities and historical texture, it allows you to watch balloons taking off at sunrise. You can even participate in balloon tours and witness the sunrise from within the blue skies.

Bozburun, Marmaris

This area, surrounded by turquoise sea, fishing boats, and green hills, is among the best camping spots. It offers a peaceful camping experience. With traditional fish restaurants and nature hikes, you can live an immersive camping experience in harmony with nature.

Datça Peninsula, Muğla

Datça offers a list of the best camping spots where you can experience Muğla's natural beauty and serene atmosphere. With its turquoise sea, olive groves, ancient settlements, and nature hiking trails, you can camp in close contact with nature.

Ayder Plateau, Rize

Ayder Plateau is known for its healing waters, waterfalls, and lush tea fields. With its natural thermal springs, trekking routes, and plateau houses, it's an ideal location for embracing nature.

Uzungöl, Trabzon

Uzungöl is one of those places where you can fully integrate with nature thanks to its fresh air, mesmerizingly long lake, high mountains, and natural beauty. With fish restaurants, local flavors, and a cool climate, it's a unique spot you can consider.

Göynük Canyon, Antalya

Famous for its deep valley, waterfalls, and hiking trails, Göynük Canyon's cold water flowing through it is a great option for cooling off. If you're a fan of hiking and outdoor sports, this can be an ideal camping destination.

Munzur Valley National Park, Tunceli

Munzur Valley National Park in Tunceli stands out with its natural richness. Munzur Mountains, lakes, and various plant species can be found here. If you're eager to create unforgettable memories with a love for nature, this valley awaits you.

Arapapıştı Canyon, Aydın

This canyon stands out with its vegetation and variety of plant life. Witness the adorned rock formations here. With its hiking trails, serene atmosphere far from the city's hustle and bustle, it's an excellent option for a peaceful break.

Ilgaz Mountains National Park, Kastamonu

Ilgaz Mountains National Park offers a unique camping experience with its rich flora and trekking routes. Whether you're skiing or snowboarding in winter, hiking and camping in summer, you can enjoy the natural beauty.

Sorgun Pond, Ankara

Sorgun Pond is one of the best camping spots where you can enjoy lake views, bird species, and a serene atmosphere. If you're into bird watching, you should definitely put this place on your list.

Altınkaya Dam, Samsun

Altınkaya Dam offers a picturesque view, lakeside picnic areas, and water sports facilities as an alternative camping spot. With its natural beauty, bird watching opportunities, and serene atmosphere, it's a delightful option for a camping experience.

Kızılcahamam Plateau, Ankara

Kızılcahamam Plateau has already secured its place among the best camping spots with its high altitude, forests, and clean air. With hiking routes, plateau houses, and natural beauty, you can add it to your list for a relaxing and peaceful camping experience.

Aladağlar National Park, Niğde

Aladağlar National Park is famous for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. With its high mountains, waterfalls, and alpine lakes, it's an ideal location for mountaineering, trekking, and camping. Why wait to witness this stunning beauty?

Kaçkar Mountains National Park, Rize

Kaçkar Mountains National Park is renowned for its high peaks and magnificent views. It can be one of the best camping spots for mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts. You can set up camp to experience the beauty of the endemic flora and rich fauna diversity.

Lake Bafa, Muğla/Aydın

Lake Bafa is known for its unique view, wetlands, and historical ruins. If you enjoy bird watching and nature hikes, you can camp by the lake and experience tranquility.

Cunda Island, Ayvalık

Cunda Island is one of Ayvalık's charming locations. With its stone streets, historical houses, and sea view, it offers tent areas for those who enjoy camping.

Sülüklü Göl, Bolu

Surrounded by forests, Sülüklü Göl (Sülüklü Lake) is a serene lake that awaits you for a peaceful camping experience. With its walking trails, bird-watching opportunities, and picnic areas, it's a delightful choice for a pleasant camping experience immersed in nature.

Sazlıdere Dam, Istanbul

Sazlıdere Dam is a natural sanctuary in Istanbul. The reservoir lake, green forests, and picnic areas are open to campers. It can be a splendid choice for nature walks and bird watching.

Samandere Waterfall, Kocaeli

Samandere Waterfall welcomes you with its green valleys, the flow of cool water, and enchanting views. Hiking trails and camping areas offer great opportunities to escape the city crowds. You can experience a peaceful camping experience in the midst of natural life.

Erikli Plateau, Yalova

Located amidst high mountains and pine forests, Erikli Plateau is famous for camping, nature activities, and observations. You can set up camp here and engage in various outdoor activities while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. It's a place where you can pause time and camp in peace.

Sultan Marshes, Kayseri

Sultan Marshes, a wetland area rich in natural beauty in Kayseri, is one of the best camping spots that's brimming with biodiversity. The sound of birds chirping, reed beds, and water channels make it an intriguing location. It's an excellent choice for birdwatching and capturing nature photographs. With its tranquility and cool breeze, it's a peaceful place to experience moments of serenity amidst the soothing embrace of nature.

Mount Ida National Park, Balıkesir

Mount Ida National Park, renowned for its stunning mountain vistas, rich plant life, and unique endemic species, graces Balıkesir with its natural beauty. If you enjoy trekking and hiking in nature, this park offers cool plateaus and lakes that make it one of the top camping options.

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