Best Honeymoon Locations in Turkey
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Those who would like to spend their honeymoon in the most romantic way, can consider Turkey as an option. Let's check out some of the most magical places in this beautiful country.

Turkey offers a multitude of honeymoon suggestions. For those charting a honeymoon route, there are locations that can cater to any need. Among the most preferred are the unique views of Cappadocia and the magnificent bays of Bodrum. Moreover, winter holidays in places like Uludag and thermal springs are in high demand. During the summer months, cities like Izmir and Muğla will provide unforgettable memories for honeymoon couples. Here are suggestions for those researching honeymoons and wanting to have a dreamlike honeymoon...



Cappadocia is a romantic honeymoon route with its unique fairy chimneys and underground cities. In this enchanting region, you can experience a memorable morning flight with hot air balloons. You can wander among the fairy chimneys at any time. The mysterious underground cities can be explored. Cappadocia will offer an unforgettable experience for honeymoon couples with its unique landscapes and historical texture.

Fethiye, Ölüdeniz


Ranked among the top honeymoon suggestions in Turkey, Fethiye's Ölüdeniz is a magnificent location with its unique seascape. Ölüdeniz, one of Turkey's most beautiful beaches, takes couples on a blue journey with its natural beauty. The calm atmosphere of Ölüdeniz will allow you to have enjoyable moments and leave behind unforgettable memories.



Marmaris is a romantic honeymoon route on Turkey's southern coast. With its long beaches, unique beauty bays, and luxury holiday villages, it offers couples a peaceful getaway. Marmaris's nightlife, restaurants, and water sports-filled activity options provide honeymooners with unforgettable experiences.



Kuşadası is known as a charming honeymoon venue on Turkey's Aegean coast. With its pearl-like sandy beaches, turquoise sea, and historical texture, it will offer couples a romantic getaway. Historical sites in the city, such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary, are routes for honeymoon couples to explore. At the same time, the lively nightlife, luxury holiday villages, and restaurants attract considerable attention from vacationers.

İzmir, Çeşme


İzmir's Çeşme is a magnificent honeymoon route with its shining coast in the west of Turkey. In this town, a dazzling beach, clear sea, sunsets, and historical texture bring unique beauties together. Çeşme will offer couples a romantic getaway with its luxury holiday villages, fabulous restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

Winter Holiday in Uludağ


Among the honeymoon suggestions in Turkey, Uludağ is known as the best option for those getting married in winter. Uludağ is an excellent honeymoon destination for winter vacations in Turkey. This unique ski and mountain vacation takes place in mountains covered with a white blanket. Luxury hotels offer the advantage of having romantic dinners in front of a warm fireplace. Couples can enjoy their time by experiencing skiing or snowboarding. At the same time, they can take walks at the foot of the mountain and enjoy nature. Furthermore, the spa centers, jacuzzis, and massage services available in the hotels provide couples with a delightful relaxation opportunity. With the backdrop of sunset views, Uludağ is the ideal choice for a winter honeymoon where unforgettable memories can be made.

Yalova Thermal Springs


Yalova's thermal springs are among the top recommendations for honeymoon destinations in Turkey, especially during winter. The thermal springs of Yalova are known as an excellent choice for a romantic honeymoon experience. The hotels surrounded by the thermal waters sourced from Yalova's natural hot springs are quite ideal for honeymoons. The relaxation and healing sensation provided by the hot water will be a delightful experience for honeymooning couples. Additionally, Yalova's nature and atmosphere allow for romantic walks.

İzmir, Alaçatı


The district of Alaçatı in İzmir is a delightful option for a honeymoon vacation. With its stone houses, narrow streets, and famous beaches, Alaçatı has many places for couples to explore. It's also possible to have a romantic accommodation experience in Alaçatı's luxury boutique hotels. You can take romantic walks on its streets adorned with colorful flowers and visit various shops. Additionally, you can experience windsurfing on Alaçatı's windy shores. Beyond its historical and cultural richness, you can spend days reaching the heights of romance.

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Istanbul Shuttle Here | Affordable, Reliable and Professional Airport Transfer
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